Gallery Title : Sketches
Gallery Description : Unfinished and sketchy Emma arts.


100 theme arts challenge...that I never finished...

Alicey in college, when she played volleyball.

Alicey's daughter Annie as she might look at 16.

Chibi Emma and Keslar.

Chibi snow Emma

Chibi snow Theo

Colored (and a few watercolored) sketches from around May '08. Left to right, top to bottom: random guy, Alison, Edward, Jane, a different attempt at Alison, Emma and Theo arguing.

Emma and a smarmy looking Will.

Emma and Jeremiah when they actually liked each other, before I'd solidified his character design.

Emma and Marissa.

Emma and Theo no likey each other.

Emma and Theo sketch and tablet practice.

Emma as a student...a rather busty student, I must say...

Emma dislikes Jeremiah. Colored.

Emma in a bathing suit.

Emma with different hair, maybe older.

Emma, Theo, Will

Left to right, top to bottom: Jane and Edward, Jeremiah, Emma, Theo (in high school)

Lineart of Brody and my friend Sock, who likes 'em scruffy.

More sketches from London.

Necking (that's what my mom calls it)! YAY!

Sketches from when I was in London.

The Jameson siblings: left to right: Carrie, Will, Alex, Winnie

Theo and Will being a li'l bit gay.

unfinished mini-comic lineart


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